Our products serve a wide range of fresh beans, peas and chillies, alongside passion fruit and baby corn – all of which are grown, processed and packaged in accordance to our clients' specifications. We endeavour to work closely with our clients to conform to the product packaging of their choice and expectation – whether it is bulk packaging for the wholesale market, or pre-packs for the retail and domestic market. 'Freshness from the farm to the plate' is our guarantee.

Mange Tout: Bright green in colour, essentially flat with little or no seed development. Uniformly graded with a length varying from 70-85mm and 85-100mm.

Sugar Snap Peas: Oval or rounded in shape, young, tender and crisp. Length of 50-90mm and evenly graded in package.

Fine Beans: Uniform, bright green in colour, essentially straight with uniform diameter. Length of 80-10mm and packed to fit neatly into selected packaging. Product diameter 6.5-8mm

Passion Fruit: Tropical fruit, deep purple in colour and shaped slightly oval. Contains juice sacs surrounding each of the numerous seeds. Diameter 45-55mm. Available all year round.

Baby Corn: Cobs taper uniformly, from the widest area at the base to the tip, free of deformities, seeding, excess moisture, discoloration or other foreign bodies. Length of 75-95mm.

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